Climbing as well as bouldering both are quite complex sports. Nowadays it is becoming quite popular and people prefer to spend time here rather than going to gym and engage in same boring and routine exercises.

The escalade BlocShop is engaged in bouldering gym which is a growing and dynamic community.

If you are preparing for rock climbing then following 8 tips can be very useful for you.

  • Get rid of your fear of failure

By keeping your mind failure oriented, you will not be able to achieve few simple things too. So, get rid of your fear of failure, which will lead you to achieve something you never thought of.

  • Improve hip flexibility

Your hip is the center of gravity which will control your balance of feet during climbing and hence try to improve the flexibility of your hip which will help you to maneuver the difficult climbing.

  • Use your brain which is your best muscle

Your strength as well as technique is important but often you can achieve certain difficult climb by using your brain. Even a weak climber, if he remains fully focussed can achieve great things.

  • Regenerate after training

You must do hard training to develop muscle strength and also take enough test too so that you can repair your broken muscle. Taking rest will help you to regenerate your strength and help you to climb easily.

  • Manage expectations

Keep realistic and manageable expectation and use your brain to achieve it. Try to stretch yourself little more than what you can easily do and that will help you to achieve in every attempt.

  • Know when not to climb

You must know when you should stop in case you have already trained too hard or you are too tired. Also, sometimes you may not be in any mood to climb at all. Don’t try to climb when you don’t want to.

  • Honestly know about your weaknesses

You must be honest to yourself about your weakness and try to cover your weakness by taking specific training or consulting your fellow climbers. Knowing your weakness can help you to get rid of it.

  • Find good climbing partners

It will be nice if you can develop friendship with a fellow climber and make him your partner, then together you can achieve much more than trying all alone.