There are lots of kinds of supplements that will make it simple to find the best supplement or mixture of nutritional supplements that will help keep good health and assist in treating certain health conditions.

But you need to be aware of various supplements and their purposes to make wise selections for your unique nutritional needs. This is a fundamental list of the several types of nutritional supplements available.

Top 4 Categories of Supplements Used in the United States


Even though many people may think that all supplements are merely vitamins, that isn’t the situation. Technically, vitamins are just one group of supplements, although possibly the most crucial.

You will find 13 important vitamins which are necessary for your system to operate correctly. Many are fat-soluble, yet others are water-soluble. Many are synthesized in your body through foods, along with a vitamin. For example, vitamin D is, of course, activated in your body through sunlight.

So, you need to comprehend the distinction between the different vitamins and the roles they play in good health before adding vitamins to your diet.


Mineral nutrients are supplements that are present in two fundamental groups: macrominerals and minerals.

Macrominerals, such as calcium, are basically essential in promoting bone strength but should be supported by vitamin D and other minerals, such as boron, to ensure proper absorption.

An essential trace mineral is a selenium, which research has proven to become an essential antioxidant in eliminating cancer and supporting the defense mechanisms.

Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines really are a third group of supplements that aren’t by themselves fundamental to your body in the same manner, much like minerals and vitamins.

However, many herbs offer inherently high medicinal and dietary value. These plant-based supplements are impressive for some health conditions and therefore are frequently utilized as natural treatments.

For instance, a mix of goldenseal and echinacea is extremely good at boosting the defense mechanisms, battling common colds and allergic reactions, healing infections, and assisting respiratory system recovery after illnesses.

Both were utilized by Native American Indians centuries ago for their proven capability to treat and heal certain health issues.

Dietary Supplements

The 4th fundamental category is dietary supplements that are simply niche supplements that can be used for specific purposes, such as anti-aging and bodybuilding.

For instance, although minerals and vitamins will always be part of a highly effective bodybuilding program, niche supplements, such as whey protein, creatine, and HGH, are primary staples for many ardent fitness enthusiasts.

To best use supplements for your health advantage, it is good to possess a fundamental understanding of the several kinds of supplements. Learning which supplements would be best employed for specific reasons is the initial step in supporting the body for total health and gratifaction.